The Chic Season…Part 2

*sigh* it’s the swishy tiered frock again……

Enjoy part 2 of Justine and Toms’ elegant W-day lovelies whilst I figure out an excuse to get me one of THOSE.

Unless the only reason I need is that I really REALLY want one?


Discreet Pleasures

Amy Murrell was recommended to us by Henry, the groom’s brother. She was utterly fantastic from start to finish. I’m not great at having my photo taken and am pretty awkward, but she was brilliantly discreet and most of the time I was completely unaware that she was even taking pictures! She was great company during the getting ready process beforehand and worked as some kind of zen team with Alexis the hair and make-up artist! It was a real pleasure to have her there on the day – she felt more like a guest with an expensive camera than the official photographer which was exactly what we wanted.

We are thrilled with our pictures, which really capture the atmosphere of the day – and this from the one of those people who usually can’t bear to look at pictures of themselves!

A Job Lot

For decor we had lots of vintage glass jugs instead of vases and vintage glass candlesticks which I spent the previous 6 months buying up on e-bay. If anyone is getting married and wants a job lot of glassware – give me a call!

Fancy Treats

We had “Rocky Road” chocolate by Hotel Chocolat for favours……. Just a bit of a joke really!

Soul Shakers

At the reception we had The Emperors, booked though Alive Network. We wanted a band that would really get people up dancing so opted for a soul band with a brass section and they fulfilled the brief to a tee.

Village Cake

We had fruit and madeira cake 4 tiered with ivory icing – cribbed from a picture on the internet and made by a very clever lady called Shirley in Tom’s mum’s village!

The loveliest lyrics

For the first dance we chose “This Guy’s in Love with You” by Burt Bacarach, the Noel Gallagher version. Just a lovely, lovely song and reflecting the groom’s juvenile obsession with Oasis!

Wise Words

I would advise any future bride to just try to relax and enjoy it – probably not very helpful advice I realise, but I seem to remember dashing around trying to see and thank everyone for coming, worrying that I would seem ungrateful if I didn’t, when really I should’ve done what I wanted to do and just sat down with my girlfriends and had a very large glass of wine!

Entertainment – The Emperors

Photographer – Amy Murrell

Favours – Hotel Chocolat

A very large glass of wine indeed – make sure you do take that time out to relax on W-day you gorgeous lot, take a look around and soak up what you have achieved with all the hard work you both put in.

With huge thanks to Amy Murrell, Justine and Tom for sharing the seasonal chic.

Big I want A Swishy Frock AND some Rocky Road from Hotel Chocolat Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

13 thoughts on “The Chic Season…Part 2

  1. What a beautiful wedding I love the dress so beautiful! And justine pretty please can I buy some glass where off u! I am just starting my eBay search for exactly this???!!! I you would like a new home for it then drop me an email !! X

  2. Ooohhh now that’s what I call a cake!

    I die for this colour scheme. It’s nice to see creams in winter and not the obligatory silver and gold. It reflects them and the bride is bootiful.

    We’ve not done this in a while but I think it’s time for a whoop whoop.

    I love love we all DIE in a big heap of hearting the corridor photographs. Do I spy glass baubles?

  3. Wise words indeed from the bride, far too many ladies (or gents for that matter) spend their quality wedding day time trying to make sure they have said hi to their third cousins once removed new girlfriend in order to make them feel welcome when in reality the day whizzes by and before you know it it’s bed time. I had a cut off point, 7.30pm was when I allowed myself to have one or two (ahem..) drinks and a boogie with my girls, before then was for schmoozing with the aunties!

    I heart the dress by the way, am going to direct a b2b friend of mine in this direction for a look as it seems right up her street!

  4. What a fabulous dress!

    I agree with Brideandchic the day passes so quickly, that its a good idea to have a time where you can get on the dancefloor and enjoy yourself with your friends and new husband / wife.

  5. What a lovely smiley bride. Although she has some stiff competition in the pretty stakes from that gorgeous (Clumber? But chocolate…) spaniel.

  6. Hotel Chocolat for wedding favours?!! Why wasn’t I a guest at this wedding?!

    Oh and in a less greedy/chocolate obsessed way – I love the floral arrangements in the church.

  7. What a fabulous dress!!

    I smiled when I saw the table names, as we’re having movie quotes too.

    I’m also collecting glassware, although it’s jars and bottles for a barn venue. It’s quite good fun, when I go the supermarket it’s not about what we want to eat, it’s more about we’ll eat whatever comes in nice jars!!

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