Luxury bespoke jeweller with 15+ years crafting ethical engagement & wedding rings. Personalised designs, sustainable materials, crafted in the Jewellery Quarter. Exclusive service, exceptional value.


What customisation options do you offer for engagement and wedding rings?

I believe that your engagement and wedding rings should be as unique as your love story. That's why every ring we create is made especially for you, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece that resonates with your personal style and preferences. The bespoke service allows for complete customisation to align with your vision. You have the freedom to design your ring from scratch, choosing every aspect including the style, the metal, and the type of gemstone or diamond. Whether you have a specific design in mind, or need some guidance in crafting your perfect ring, I'm here to make your dream ring a reality. The extensive range of metals includes options like platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and even sustainable Fairtrade Gold and recycled metals. As for gemstones and diamonds, I offer a wide variety, from the classic diamond in traditional or unusual shapes and colours, to sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and more, all ethically sourced. I understand the importance of staying within budget, so I work closely with you to ensure the final design not only meets your expectations for beauty and uniqueness but also aligns with your financial considerations. In essence, your ring will be a bespoke creation that truly reflects your individuality, crafted with the utmost care and precision to celebrate your special moment.

How Do You Ensure the Ethical Sourcing of Your Materials, Particularly Diamonds and Gold?

At Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, I place a strong emphasis on ethical sourcing for all materials, ensuring that my jewellery not only looks beautiful but also aligns with the highest ethical standards. For metals, I source exclusively from suppliers who are members of The Responsible Jewellery Council. This membership requires that their supply chains undergo rigorous audits, ensuring that every step in the process adheres to strict ethical practices. I also offer Fairtrade Gold and recycled gold as part of our commitment to sustainable and responsible sourcing. Furthermore, all of my rings are designed and made in England, allowing me to maintain close oversight of the production process and guarantee the ethical integrity of each piece. When it comes to diamonds, I work with trusted suppliers who rigorously follow the Kimberley Process, an international certification scheme that prevents conflict diamonds from entering the mainstream market. Additionally, I provide more traceable options such as Canadian diamonds, which are sourced from mines in Canada. These mines operate under stringent conditions, prioritising the welfare of both the miners and the environment. This ensures that the most ethical practices are followed, and importantly, allows each diamond to be traced back to its exact mine through its certificate. By choosing Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, you can be assured that your jewellery is not only of exceptional quality but also crafted with a conscience, reflecting a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in every aspect of its creation.

What is the Process and Timeline for Creating a Custom Ring?

Creating your custom ring with Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery is a personalised and engaging experience, tailored to suit your preferences and schedule. Here's how it works: Initial Consultation: The process begins with an initial chat, which can be conducted via your preferred method – email, WhatsApp, phone call, or video call. This is a fact-finding conversation where we discuss your ideas, and preferences, and plan the way forward. Design and Stone Selection: Depending on your design, we'll continue our conversation through messages or calls. If needed, we can arrange an in-person meeting to view and select stones. This step is crucial in ensuring that every aspect of your ring meets your expectations. Regular Updates and Approvals: No matter your chosen method of communication, you'll be kept informed at all stages of the process. Where possible, I'll provide photos and CAD images, especially for completely bespoke designs, to give you a clear vision of the final product. Discretion for Surprise Designs: If you’re planning a surprise, rest assured that I’m experienced in maintaining discretion throughout the process. Timeline for Completion: Once you are completely satisfied and sign off on the design, the crafting of your custom ring will take approximately 4-6 weeks. This timeline ensures meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality in the finished piece. I believe in a transparent and collaborative process, ensuring that your custom ring is not just a piece of jewellery, but a cherished symbol of your special moment.

How Do Your Prices Compare to Mainstream Jewellery Retailers, and What Value Do I Get for the Cost?

I pride myself on offering exceptional value that you’re unlikely to find at mainstream high-street jewellery retailers. My prices for bespoke jewellery are competitively lower for like-for-like pieces. However, it's important to note that the quality of diamonds and gemstones you'll find offer almost certainly surpasses what you might find in a high street store. One of the key reasons I can provide more competitive pricing is my status as an independent jeweller. Without the overheads associated with a high street presence, I'm able to pass on these savings directly to you. This means you get superior quality at a more accessible price point. Beyond just the cost, the value you receive in working with me is unparalleled. You'll benefit from a highly personal service; you'll be dealing directly with me throughout the entire process, ensuring a consistent and tailored experience. There’s no risk of being passed off to another person; you have my undivided attention. With over 15 years of experience in both retail and manufacturing in the jewellery industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge, hints, and tips. This expertise allows me to guide you in getting maximum value for your money. More than just creating a piece of jewellery, my goal is to ensure that you receive a piece that is perfect for you, in every aspect. In choosing Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, you're not just making a purchase; you're investing in craftsmanship, quality, and a bespoke experience that is a world away from mainstream retailers.

What aftercare and support do you offer post-purchase?

At Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, the commitment to you extends far beyond the moment of purchase. I understand that your bespoke jewellery is not just an accessory but a cherished keepsake, which is why I offer comprehensive aftercare and support to ensure its longevity and beauty. Free Resizing: We want your ring to fit perfectly. In case it's not quite right the first time, we offer a one-time free resizing. This ensures that your comfort and satisfaction with the fit of your ring are prioritised without any additional cost. Repairs and Maintenance: Over time, even the finest jewellery can show signs of wear. I provide re-polishing and stone-checking services at a minimal cost, covering only the expenses incurred in the process. My aim is not to profit from these services but to ensure that your jewellery maintains its pristine condition. Insurance Valuations: To give you peace of mind, I also offer insurance valuations. This service is essential to ensure that your bespoke piece is adequately valued for insurance purposes, protecting your investment against loss, theft, or damage. This post-purchase support is a testament to my dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. When you choose Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, you're not just acquiring a piece of jewellery; you're gaining a lifelong commitment to ensuring its enduring beauty and value.


We had our wedding bands from Poppy and she did an amazing job designing and making my band to perfectly match my engagement ring. Poppy was super professional, friendly and helped us plan the perfect bands. My husband ended up having something totally different to what he expected he would go for but we both absolutely love it.

Aimee & Tom

Starting off with designing an engagement ring myself, I was a bit nervous, to be honest. But working with Poppy made it much easier than I expected. She was really helpful and made the process quite straightforward. Choosing the diamond was a highlight for me. I went for a 0.95ct diamond, and it surprisingly looked as big as a 1ct one but was more affordable. I was really pleased with the quality and how much it ended up costing. The most important part was keeping the whole thing a secret for the proposal, and Poppy was great at making sure of that. I was kept up-to-date without any risk of the secret getting out. The final ring turned out just right. It was exactly what I wanted – it looked great and felt special, all without going over budget. Seeing my partner’s reaction when I proposed was the best part. The whole experience was smooth and pretty relaxed, I was much more at ease than I ever expected. If you’re thinking about designing a special ring, I’d definitely recommend giving Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery a go. They offer great service and value and make the process easy to handle


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